Friday 20 August 2010

Purple Red

My beloved french friend Alex calls me 'Purple Io'.
He tells me i'm sitting on a purple moon up in the sky (ooo - poetic afflatus!)
When i used to live in Lille (2006-2007), i was wearing at least one purple piece every day. Pathetic? I don't know, maybe it was the purple era of my life -i even have a purple tattoo. Tactile proof!
Wearing this outfit last week, i thought.. too much of red. And then i thought of Alex. So, gung ho as i was, i decided to detour and make me up half red - half purple, just to feel 'Purple Io' again..


Frini said...

once look amazing, girl!! and you're always posing so theatrically!
you've also lived in Lille?? what a cosmopolitan!!
kiss kiss*

joanaddicted said...

hei sweet frini thank you so much!! i was in Lille for my master degree. And i can assure you it was my best year! The most beautiful town ever!!!

ToKataifi said...

telio makigiaz!

koukla opos pada*

Unknown said...

You've got ana amazing face !! i love the dress, so glad you lived in France (I'm myself a true Parisian, but Lille is a very cool city !)

Plus you love "the Red Violin", and I love it too !

See U !

chloe said...

not everybody can wear red animal print so well you know!
you look amazing, im sure your alex would approve, oui? x