Friday 27 August 2010

This is just not right!

What’s that? Not wearing the same clothes or jewel pieces twice is almost a must?
It’s like women established a world wide feminine law or something, that indicates such a wasteful and selfish attitude. I can’t get it. Why is it ‘bad’ to wear a certain dress twice in a month??? Or in a week? (It would be bad –bad- if you wouldn’t wash it..)

Every supernatural girl who lives in her ‘wonderful world’ gets crazy with the idea that ‘people’ will see her twice with the same gorgeous red Gucci or Prada dress in her anorexic silhouette! Oh give me a break! In what world these girls live in?? I have many (ok.. many many many many…) clothes or shoes or accessories or fetish details myself too (and most of them are no labeled and rock big time), but –of course- I have absolutely no prob wearing same outfits again and again, cause simply I feel f*ckin comfortable and gorgeous in them, and no other big fat branded piece would give me such a huge satisfaction.

So, please ladies, just stop spreading this madness around and cool down. After all, why men wouldn’t even bother having just one t-shirt and a pair of jeans for the rest of their lives???? (Ok.. this is madness too!!!!!!!)
And with this introduction, I’m posting my million times used boyfriend jeans and blue sandals, my sleepin’ white t-shirt and a sport jacket, cause simply that night I was cold! No need for extravaganza that night ;-)


Unknown said...

You look perfect ! Love the boyfriend fit with those sandals !

Nice article by the way

See U !

vint junky said...

Ohhhhh i agree x 1000!
I've got a heap of fetish clothes i'm not willing to give up for anyone...well said gorgeous!


Collette Osuna said...

Hello...just found your it!

Frini said...

well said, veeery well said girl!!
100% with u!!
plus, you look gorgeous even a sweater!
kiss kiss*

joanaddicted said...

ooh thank you girls!!!!

chloe said...

yes yes, i agree totally! xxx

amalthia said...

u r fukin' right!

(α και μου άρεσε πολύ το καρέ μαλλί...σόρυ)