Wednesday 22 September 2010

chez Sofia (chapter 3)

Militate against 'people dropping away' illusion-ish theory, Sofia and I developed the settee theory.
Tonight our thoughts -unspeakable. And our actions opposite to our wants.
Decompress. Decompress. Decompress. (please)
Parasite bleaching on the way.

And on top of all that (all heads in one!), Sofia's house is an epic masterpiece!

If you 'neeeeed' some more of Sofia's inspiration house, click on older posts here and here.


I V Y said...

i like your hair and the smoking photo :)

vint junky said...

Sofia's house is bloody amazing!
my brother was just advising me to get some chalkboard paint, and i think i will now it looks amazing here

ps. you also look awesome as ever darling!

joanaddicted said...

yes guys seriously!!! i've no words to describe the vibe of this house!!!! It's like you're in a movie or something and everything around is pretentious - but not at all in the same time. So hard to describe..!

CyPinGirl said...

great house!