Tuesday 2 November 2010

Ourania Kay

She sped down the catwalk just like a ray of light, interspersing diamonds. And yes, i'm saying Ourania Kay is a new little diamond, who's gonna chew the success gum in the greek fashion industry. She's already got the Best Catwalk prize in her hands, and now all the rest are yet to come... So guys, check her work out, it's worth a king's ransom!
p.s. This post is crazy important to me, cause i'm -in a way- attached to this particular designer. We both lived in Paris studying fashion design, and worked in the french fashion scene. So, guess how happy and proud i feel she did it! She fills us with hope from bottom to top. And that's only the beginning..

Creative melancholy, painfully sublime reflexions, inside nostalgia, tormented passion. That's what i felt watching her collection.

..et dans nos coeurs, elle est toujours une fille et son chien.


Ourania K. said...

Love at the first sight i can describe what i felt when i first visited your blog!!!I dont know if it's because of the reasons you just gave or something else...Truly thank you my love for your sweet post!!! <3 <3

Ps: we have something on mind the 3 of us eh???? I don't forget :p :p :p

Alessia said...

apsogo post!