Friday 10 June 2011

tonia poulaki

Yesterday i was invited to a very special place by Tonia Poulaki and Katerina Stamatelatou. I took my camera and my enthusiasm on hands and walked my creative curiosity to the coolest little street of Kolonaki with the name Roma. There, miss 'Now Showroom' along with Tonia surprised me with a bunch of different creations and innovative jewellery pieces, but also with some pretty damn cool ideas that i wished i had thought of first!! :)
What surprised me the most, jewellery speaking, was the concept of the wedding diamond rings. She totally changed the established women's way of thinking in that matter. She gave a whole new perspective to what a ring like this means to a feminine personality, who is strong, different and modern. It's like she actually analyzes every single woman's thoughts and desires and designs unique pieces, corresponding to unique spirits.
Not to mention that Tonia -the designer- is a very talented and charismatic person, who definitely thinks outside the box, and this is what gives an ultimate charm to her creations.
And there's more than that. Apart from the beautiful pieces that can be found in Roma street at Kolonaki, the showroom itself is a piece of art. It can be transformed to an art gallery or an events venue, where you can throw a party or an exposition. It takes only a minute to turn the showroom into a wooden box with no view or access to the jewellery. Yeap, that's right. Innovation to the bone.
I could go on with this story forever, but i'd better leave the rest to the images that i took yesterday. Oh and you'd better click here cause another innovative videogame is waiting for your shots.


Πριγκιπώ said...

Πανέμορφαααα!! Μπράβο ρε Ιωαννάκι, μας ανοίγεις τα μάτια. Ένα μεγάλο μπράβο στα κορίτσια και στις δημιουργίες τους.

Angelina said...

apisteuta kosmimata!