Wednesday 28 March 2012

random by mara desypris. randomness by me.

No, this post is not  about a photo album of the event or Mara Desypris expo. But about how the images and the environment made me see the randomness in this specific space with these specific people. The photos of Mara Desypris were so intense to me, arguing in my brain so loud, that the people around were like shadows in front of my eyes and my camera. And that's how i captured them. Shadows. The photos speak louder than their thoughts? So, i was actually accidentally inspired by the exhibition and my shots suddenly became a project to me.. How random was presented and explained to me. For me, it was not about the random Mara's selection, but about randomness of the moment. And how the roles are changing: a human seems soulless next to a dynamic picture. Human becomes shadow.
Here's what my eyes saw yesterday, when images shout thoughts and real people fade next to them. When people are just shadows to my eyes and images are words to my mind.
An event at CAMP! organized by Ozon.

And the people at the party:
(adorable) Vicky Kagia:


pavlina said...

mega like

chloe said...

so interesting the way you presented it, i love the shadows x