Wednesday 4 April 2012

4fashion/shake V

First of all, click immediately here, here and here to see 4fashion/shake past series.
And then scroll down to check yesterday's even by ozon, through my vibes.
I will now explain what happened yesterday with the simplest words i can. Through the eyes of a kid. (Or a mobster).
Exceptionally presented fashion through art and art through fashion. No, wrong. Besides fashion is art and art is fashion. Actually i don't care, cause i just decided that ART is all about the right things. I just decided that ART means All Right Things. And what we saw yesterday was definitely right. Insolent Delirium, i know. Yes that's also right. Yesterday's presentation was a delirium. A delirium of fearlessly right things: Six Lee, Ubi Sunt, Ladies and Gents, Digitaria, Yiorgos Eleftheriades, K.BHTA, Yelp, Andrew Thomas Huang, Mara Desypris.
 what happened at the party:

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liisa said...

Had to comment it...:almost every man in Greece has a beard?! didn´t know that!

I like your coat btw! I love it when people choose to wear any colour but black anyway