Thursday 5 April 2012

the secret make-up meeting

Yesterday, i was invited to a secret meeting, full of make up and magic tips for fresh looks and trends by the coolest and most talented make up artists, Vaggelis Thodos and George Valvis. They inspired me so much that since yesterday i've been experimenting with colors, techniques and shadows. I loved our secret meeting, but mostly the words of Vaggelis, that beauty is always inner, no matter what. And that make-up has to be in harmony with the face, and not in symmetry with it. Harmony brings symmetry - symmetry not always brings harmony. Respect respect respect. We don't call them artists for nothing afterall!
Vaggelis is making me up:

Make up artist Vaggelis Thodos and hair stylist Taxiarhis Zolotas:
George Valvis and Vaggelis:

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Wow! I'm jealous! Looks great! xx