Wednesday 12 January 2011

1st Fashion Business Forum

How many times you've thought of unanswered questions regarding fashion industry, cause simply the answers are somewhere between years' experience and personal preferences?  Trends? What do you mean? Why am i supposed to wear long skirts and camel colours this winter? Cause the huge haute couture fashion brands' designers had a moment of inspiration and a reflection of creation or just because there was too many stock of this specific cloth or color in those warehouses? not to be wasted... Why vintage clothes have become that cool and famous? Cause they are by far cheaper than new ones (not always), or cause a style icon or a rock star tried them on and -one day- decided to go on stage with leather pants or grandma's outfits? Why one single name can add so much value to an item, financially speaking? Cause this designer uses diamonds for raw materials or just because people buy them, no matter what? And what if i want to launch my own brand? my baby company? How should i invest my inexistent money or my academical knowledge? Fashion makes people or People make fashion? What do you mean innovation? How do you innovate in this fashion arena? Aren't we talking about a false -endless- circle? And what's this obsession with e-shopping? Is it because of boredom to move our feet or it's just so easier and worldwide friendly?
I can go on with all these n'importe quoi thoughts, but for the moment it's pointless. Cause i'll have a bunch of new ones after the 1st Fashion Business Forum, which will take place on Monday, 17 January @Grande Bretagne Hotel. You will miss these guys? We're talking about a fashion gurus meeting.. Move your feet and subscribe now!
Thank you for your kind invitation. It's a date.

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Anonymous said...

awesome post joanna! questions to be answered and give birth to new ones!