Wednesday 19 January 2011

The 1st Fashion Business Forum

@Grande Bretagne Hotel.
Sugahspank, Rena Tsan, Battered Couture and myself:

Battered Couture:

thaloura and myself:

Thalia, Battered Couture and Christina from

Colin McDowell, Senior Fashion Writer @Sunday Times:

Leon Bailey Green, OnLine Fashion Consultant:

Tim Jackson, Principal Lecturer @London College of Fashion:

Panagiotis Gezerlis (CEO) and Christina Lardikou (Fashion Product Manager) from

You can catch up here.
I wanna thank for the invitation and all the special treatment. They know how to do fashion business, that's for sure.

From my point of you, here're my notes:
(Don't you think that these lines worth mentioning?)

Colin McDowell said:
'People in fashion stop being human. They become selfish good-looking people'.
'Can you imagine Pope having sex? It's like Tom Ford wears a shock with a hole'
'Bloggers exercise narcissism'
'Fashion is old Fashion'
'What's more important is not the designer. But what the stylist and the photographer do with designer's clothes'
'China is a global village, which is buying the world'
'Fashion is controlling people'
'Who the hell is the designer @ Louis Vuitton? Marc'
'The corruption of fashion buys people'
'If you haven't got the talent, noone can manufacture it for you'


Nells said...

great posting girl!loved the pics!

chloe said...

'If you haven't got the talent, noone can manufacture it for you'
hm, i like that.

and i love seeing all you guys in photos together! x