Sunday 16 January 2011

january's meet market

This month's established meet market took place @ Bios yesterday. And it's still playing cards today, as well. Throw a visite, it's more than shopping. It's fun. This time, the artists that triggered me the most were:


Sotiris Trechas:

Anthony Verouhis (the poet):


Cat Black:

Moments of eye sharing:


Lorelai Sebastian said...

love the tees and the board behind the dj!

DinDinaki Koudounaki said...

poso ithela na eimai ekei!!distixws to thermometro mou eixe alli gnwmi..opws panta iperoxoi antrwpoi iperoxes douleies.(kai fisika iperoxes foto,eimai fun sou min ta leme kai ta 3analeme)

joanaddicted said...

@lorelai: yes it's awesome!!! great concept... kiss sweetie

joanaddicted said...

@dindin: agapi seuxaristw poly!!! ax perastikaaaaaaa :)

tonyverouhis said...

that poet guy is not only talent, but handsome! don't you think???