Friday 21 January 2011

night out @use

A day full of fashion business, normally ends up like this? With a rose in trembled hands, lots of spirit in the blood, music with 'gangan' and rock people you have just met. Nights with the most rock love-hearted lady break all ordinary rules.

Ha! Does this guy remind you of someone? Glamourness my god it is! :

And that gorgeous inked man below is George. Of course i went crazy with his inks. Apparently the artist (and responsible person for these masterpieces) is Ozone.


Anonymous said...

Look like the clock was late, hope you had a nice night, keep up the good work
Hallo From

Inspiration partout said...

Nice pictures!!I really like your necklace!

Vixen said...

love this guy's inks as well!looks like you had fun!