Monday 3 January 2011

some more of my addictions

New year - old habits.
Except for fashion, i'm also addicted to little things that successfully pretend to make my everyday life 'cutter' and add colour and styleful attitude to the most boring hours of the office or home. Little moments that can be precious enough, if you choose so.. A simple morning coffee seduction.. A lonely dinner at home.. Some body balance exercise.. anything that can treat your thinking differently..
Today, i was taking a look at the Design Shop and i realised that my eye iris size was being dangerously enlarged every time i had the following addiction shots:

Addiction no.1: Coffee/tea cups. I'm always with a cup in hands. always. i can't be healed. It's not about thirst. It's about a sacred process of transferring substances from Earth into human body. Or just for the style!

Addiction no2: Candles. Light me up, cause i deny my romantic nature and the flame reminds me of our inner beauties. Also, candles remind me of time importance - once you light them, they can never go back to their initial condition. Just like tattoos. That's why i love them so passionately. They are definite. Engaged for a lifetime. What's more rock than that?

Addiction no3: Bicycles. The only fuel you need is your sweat. And leave your spirit rolling!

Addiction no4: Vanille Rooibos-Starbucks herbal infusion. Killing me soflty.

Little things. Big habbits. That's the way i love to live..


Collette Osuna said...

I love candles too...that seems like a pretty good addiction to me:)

Happy New Year!!

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paul sarz said...

i want that bike