Monday 18 April 2011

art in a SHOP

Friday night and Shop store @ Ermou street was filled with art pieces of 11 students of the Athens School of Fine Arts. Pay a visit until 29.05. So triggering.
What my eyes caught in SHOP:

Mary Kitsopanou:

Angelic Initiative Deserves Support:

The Art pieces:

DJ Bad Spencer:

Artists' rewarding on the left. Lopi on the right:

Sarcasm all you need:

Loukas Mexis on the left. And what he uses for his teeth on the right:

Buy them now. That was the voice in my head:

Look at me. Another voice in my head:

This night ended up at Yoga Bala for Yid!!Sid!! party and the guest dj Wolfram:


M said...

:)) nice photos...xx

vint junky said...

Fantastic! I need a revolver mug now! I hope that was the only voice in your head lovely ;)

joanaddicted said...

thank you mary!! beautiful themes ;)

joanaddicted said...

@vint junky: ha you soooooo understand my head!!!!

Unknown said...

i adore marvis toothpaste;)

Unknown said...

i adore marvis toothpaste;)