Monday 4 April 2011

Sotiris Georgiou - Multidimensional aw11-12

yesterday @ Fashion Week Athens.
officially declaring that sotiris georgiou is my fav greek designer. He is the reason that you'll see me wearing menswear. this guy express bold dynamism which comes out loud and scratches your head, positively forcing you to exercise his mindset.
For his aw11-12 collection, sotiris talks about monastic and revolutionary simplicity in asexual forms and postmodern shapes.

The designer:

your eyes have gone wild? check this out. Image speeks better. Collection's promo video:


pavlina said...

thanks to Sotiris Georgiou and DElight fashion in Greece has got a point!

paul sarz said...

oauou super!!!

joanaddicted said...

@pavlina. You forgot ippolito!

joanaddicted said...

@paul: imoun sigourh oti tha sou aresan!! afou eisai pappous!! nai ta spase o sotiris pali.