Wednesday 6 April 2011


descrying Anna Paola Papakonstantinou! Well yes i'm pleased to introduce you a (half)greek London based designer, who used to belong to Alexander McQueen designers' team. Awesomeness it is. Her origins greek, yet british - she's seesawing between the two nationalities. Having now started her own beachwear brand in London, her work seems highly studied and carefully launched. I'll be meeting her the next few days and i'm already excited to feel on my skin her masterpieces. For now, take a close look to a beachwear art feast. Visit Paolita here. Love at first sight.


vint junky said...

WoW! And i love the way it's incoporated into these paintings. Fantastic

chloe said...

yeah, the concept of the 'lookbook' is great! x