Friday 1 April 2011

joanaddicted2portraits -i'm painting

Kakia is a very special best friend of mine. So, i couldn't just go and buy some ordinary wedding presents for her love with amazing Stavros. And i decided to paint their pop portrait and fill it with loads of love... It's been a while since they got married, and in fact their family has grown big and beautiful now!!
This post came up, cause yesterday i was trying to photoshoot the rest of my paintings, and i remembered this fav portrait.. I've never shown my paintings public.. they mostly decorate friends' houses (or my house)...and it feels weird, right? At least, there's always someone who gets the message.. And that's all it matters to me.


pavlina said...

omorfooo!!! love the writing :)

Frini said...

ok, so u paint too...r u kidding me?? i'll say in greek: paidi mou...eisai tsiparismeno???posa talenta pia mazemena???
einai yperoxo kai poly tryfero dwro, bravo sou zouzouni!!deikse mas ki alla, deikse mas!!

kiss kiss*

joanaddicted said...

@frini: einai polu omorfo auto pou mou grafeis, se euxaristw toso polu.. otan kaneis kati me agapi, sigoura tha vgei kati thetiko.. it feels weird na ta deixneis auta.. einai san na diavazw tis skepseis mou out loud.. alla merikes fores auto is all you need! kiss kiss