Wednesday 6 April 2011

dimitri zafiriou

Le diner surrealiste. aw11-12. Last Sunday @Fashion Week Athens.
silk satin, tulle, wool,velvet, feathers -even if Dimitri Zafiriou combined all of these drama fabrics, his collection turned out to be consistently chic and contradictorily simple. And not to exaggerate by exaggerating is such a difficult delivery to achieve. The theatrical vibe was also given by hair&makeup. I don't know if i agree with the 'eternal femme fatale' image the designer sees in his collection, but we sure talk about eternal femme anyways.
Snapshots from backstage, plus the very well done show.


Lorelai Sebastian said...

to ble einai fadastiko!

*chara said...

love your photos!!
the show was very well done..

joanaddicted said...

@lorelai otan vgike auto to kommati epese trello xeirokrotima!!!! :)

joanaddicted said...

@chara thank you!!!!

vint junky said...

Oh feathers and velvet, i'm sold!