Tuesday 30 March 2010

Bye bye Fashion Week - cu next season!

Closing this hectic but much discussed Fashion week, i have to point out the best parts of it! I have a lot of material to post, but in order not to be very tiring, i'll just focus on my favorite fashion items of the show (and the worst maybe..).

And i promise that next post is dedicated to Fashion Week's people...who was there? and how my camera captured him/her??? so stick around till tomorrow, cause right now i'm dying to sleeep...!

Sotiris Georgiou

Complicated and creative, he passes from fashion and clothing to art and painting. Inspired by dripping technique, he excites us so positively! This motif of complexity made me think of cobweb, which i actually found very inspiring and old-concepted, but also timeless. He chooses voluminous collars in a way that it's like he invents a whole new accessory. He's definitely got quite a unique trademark.

This coat must come closer to my wardrobe...

Yiorgos Eleftheriades

Emphasizing shoulders and waist by using belts and angelic furs on the back, he is being theatrical. Layers, minis,great cuttings, furs and leather are basic details of his pieces. Too much black, though.

Vassilis Zoulias

Classic and chic. Not my type, but undoubtedly great job! The super slow motion of the show, even that wasn't boring. And the models classy enough..Ramona is my favorite one.


I am a Mi-ro fan, by default. This time, menswear were just amazing! no comments. (Ok just one: there was no consistency at the collection, though...and too many feathers...)

To be continued....

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