Friday 19 March 2010

Casual Outfits... on friends' day out!

Best thing to do ever (except for eating strawberry cheesecake ben&jerry ice cream in front of a home cinema screen, with polka dot pajamas, watching sex&the city), is going for a nice shiny walk and window shopping with girlfriends! After a long walk and several discussions whether floral dresses are fearlessly wearable this summer or not, and if the small round sunglasses fit my face, and where my friend found a pair of Guccis 60% off, bla bla bla, we ended up shopping and eating (what else?)! And the outfits? Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable!

I find this scarf incomparable (H&M excites us!)... and i like matching it with the long t-shirt -same color- underneath.. details' lover,after all!

Silia and Kondi:

Did you actually notice the backround of Silia's and Kondi's pic? hey balloon guy, how many of them do i have to grab to fly???

Kondi, the SnowWhite! Love love love the clasp of the jacket! Oh and the soft! I love the gray-white and jeans colors of her outfit. It gives me a smooth and easy going feeling, kind of relaxing, no?

The Guccis we were talking about...


And the little round ones i was trying on...

And after this meaningless (you wish! - it means the world!) little window shopping, here comes the real beauty... i've been staring this gorgeous horse for seems to be so powerful, but it's trapped in a crying city. So, what's left is the strength of its beauty..(what a pity) 

And another one..

And finally reached our initial plan and destination: food! Unfortunately, we went to a new restaurant at Kifissia, called 'π-box'.. i don't recommend it for any reason! We had to wait for one hour to get a table, bear with the sooooo rude waitress (i'd say tolerate..) to eat the famous dishes we've heard about! We had so high expectations that what we got was poor... tasteful, though!


Rohini said...

Strawberry cheesecake ben&jerry ice cream ftw! Is it not amazing?
Great photos, love your outfit. :)

meraldia said...

I love your hairstyle and your glasses! Very stylish!

Anonymous said...

loving this
gorgeous inspiration, fabulous photos
loving your blog!
thanks for sharing as always darling!