Thursday 25 March 2010

Independence Day

Today, in Greece, we celebrate the Greek Revolution of 1821 against the Turks. So, our day begins with a national custom: The students of every town or village, as well as the armed forces attend the Flag Parade, grateful to our Greek brave heroes of The Greek War of Independence, giving us freedom.

Since i am not a student and i can't parade with the Greek Flag, i decided to wear it (!) and honor this important day in a different fashionable way. Dress: Anna Sui, Boots: Vanessa Bruno, Bag: Sfera.

Both Vanessa Bruno boots and Anna Sui dress were purchased by the Rakas Fashion Bazaar, which took place last Friday/Saturday at its Warehouse at Marousi. You can still make it and grab something gorgeous, cause the bazaar goes on till the 27th at its outlet store at Marousi, Ermou street. But first, get an idea of what a crazy fashion brain wash happened last Friday night, when i was there!


C.Chico said...

what a cute dress

Sofia said...

My punishment for not reading this post on time: I missed the bazaar sale :-(