Sunday 28 March 2010

Fashion Week Athens keeps goin' & rockin'

The Day2 of the Fashion Week included Cathreen Mal, Joanna Daniil, Lukas, Corina Vladescu, Aslanis, Kathy Heyndels and Delight. And i'll start with the last one, cause it was the surprise of my day!


Starting with the hair&makeup, the show seemed so promising from the very beginning. So, a little bit of backstage is always inspiring:

And now, for the collection! The layering techniques that Delight designers used were absolutely innovative. Having as main color pallet black, white and gray, some serious and clean fuchsia and blue were inserted were needed, just to make the 'delightful' difference. Geometric garments and patterns were giving a sense of asymmetry, but with a successful result of equilibrium. Furry details were the cherry on the top of the cake! Certain pieces made me think of piano's keyboard on a kitchen apron, and i really liked that. Pleats, tricolor motif and different fabrics' combination saved the usual geometric monotony.
I will definitely - and soon- add some of these in my wardrobe!

Kathy Heyndels

Moving on to Kathy Heyndels show, not much impressed, cause we didn't actually see anything new. Of course, classic, classy and high quality fabrics. Silk, lace and leather were mixed and presented with corsets and fur. And why so many corsets?? All pieces had such a stretch forms that are actually wearable only by super thin and tall women. I left with a brain wash impression of mini sexy night dresses, which is so not my style. I really liked the long, open back dress, though. I want it!


Menswear are mentioning worthy.

 And maybe liking a bit the back of this one..

The Photo expo Bill Patrick & Heather Nomi Tshuma

The com sponsor's corner, Athens Voice magazine

The interior of the roof (i take a pic of this every time i go there - i don't know why)

The friends and the people

beautiful Thalia

Crazy Constantinos

Konstantina & Silia

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