Sunday 28 March 2010

Today's haircut! - Made in... Taxiarchis!

Once you try it, you never go back... And i mean the SHORT HAIR!
Today i visited my friend's, Taxiarchis, Hair Studio at Kolonaki. He has created a new, impressive and hip place in the heart of Athens: Skoufa street 29, first floor.
Not only i left from Taxiarchis' Studio with a short hairstyle that i reaaaallly adored, but also with a bunch of pictures, cause i so loved it! Blue retro atmosphere, curiously exposed lighting, minimal and light deco, and the most important.. huge smile and unique hairstyles by his hands! I didn't even say what hairstyle i wanted and he already knew! He is undoubtedly the best..

And a visual intervention.... :-)

Tax, don't be shy, you're gorgeous!:

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