Monday 15 March 2010

The fashion play(ed)ground! finally...

Finally i found some free time to post all these beautiful people and images from the multidimensional and multistaged  Fashion Playground, which took place last Thursday at 6 D.O.G.S!
For its first birthday, the very talented and style-forward Stylewatch team made everything possible for the fashionistas and style lovers, who gave their intense presence, to be comfortable, active and anti-bored!
Congratulations guys for the absolutely great result!! We had such a good time!
The highlights, of course, were many... but i'll try to pass the exact creative atmosphere that my friends and myself sensed! So, here we go.. enjoy some of the playground's strong fashion moments. Don't be discouraged, i just had to take some of the photos from the blackberry, due to camera battery exhaustion!!!

First of all, i was impressed to finally meet the official make up artist of Maybelline ╬Łew York, the superficial artist Grigoris Pirpilis! I am totally convinced that his hands are made of golden glitter! He has the ability to make any face shine and shine and shine...meaning being so beautiful. So, here he is, glad to having taken a closer look to his creations:

Arriving at 6 D.O.G.S, i was soooo pleased to be welcomed by my friend Andreas, who is fashion editor at Stylewatch. He just made my day!! Drowned in the styling interventions of the night for the Levi's fans, who were being dressed with Levi's new collection and photographed by Stylewatch's professional team, he just came up in the surface for a moment, and then i lost him again!!! I didn't even tell him a decent goodbye at the end of the night :-) Andreas, are you still there??
(in this photo, with my friend Kondi)

And now, let's take a walk to the playful ground, which was so fun that i can only describe it that way: 'if it was laughter, it would be hilarious'!

Me and my gorgeous french friend Gautier:

Gautier again:

Gautier with Kondi:

And our must-have girly time! (for Kondi and me, playing around with the vintage scenery...):

And look what a cute(st) person i've found!!! This beautiful girl with her communication tool-'gadgets', was spreading fashion messages all around! Her name Amarilis! and turned out to be member of the Stylewatch team.. isn't she adorable??

And of course, i couldn't miss the bloggers' creative table! Many talented greek fashionistas and bloggers were making their own t-shirts, with old clothes and materials, giving precious advice and making us admire their amazing work. Of course my pics aren't totally representative, but believe me, they rocked!

Except for all these style acts, what i liked most was the funky mood hunging everywhere..!!!

(When i actually took this photo, the girls who were serving these delicious sweets from Fresh Stores, came to me and gave me as a gift a whole pack with endless sweets, which are still in my fridge (ok... the half of them are still there...) hehe, sweet night after all!!!

For those who were there, hope seeing you soon, and for those who didn't make it, hope seeing you at the next FP!!!!!!

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love the photos
looks like fun!!!!
thanks for sharing darling
and thanks for the comments, means the world!