Friday 14 January 2011

i'm poem-ing in style

Your eyes, black buttons of a laced see through shirt
Your lips, strass clutch bag with a 50s look and a today’s switch

Your hair, punk fantasy of immortal stars but dead after all
Your neck, field of street gaming applied in infrared control

Your hands, cruel cardigan with a dose of smooth wool
Your legs, embroidered drug in a flower bombed pool

Your back, male royal collar erased within a garment militaire
Your heart, our sex bridge revealing how's the figure of a true gent.


vint junky said...

I loved this post hon. Great lyricism... but I was distracted slightly by that gorgeous inked chest ;)

Muki Mu Kats said...

wow! amazing words! girl you got it!

Rinos said...

very nice blog

have a look if you want

joanaddicted said...

@vint: i mean OHMYGOD!

joanaddicted said...

@muki: thanks baby!!! :) (tryin....) ha