Friday 25 February 2011

adidas originals

yesterday @yoga bala. It was damn' cool. LOVED  the new denim collection, LOVED the organizers and their kind attitude, LOVED the music by Bad Spencer, LOVED the wine and the guests. hm Did i say i was working for Adidas long long time ago?? wow that makes me too old i guess..! I was in the team of the Olympic Games Adidas Sponsorship and it was a great one-of-a-kind projects to remember.. -And yes i had met all of these world famous athletes and yes i had fallen in love with many of them!!-Ok now seriously my next post will be including photos from Olympic Games 2004 and my adidas experience. So till next past-memories-post, here're yesterday's limited memory's (cause of the wine of course) shots:

Bianca and Nafsika on the left. Bianca's (spasta) wow pants:

Despoina on the left. Joanna from Ozon and friend on the right:

Alex, Thalia and Elena on the left. Katerina, myself, Lopi and Elena on the right:

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battered couture said...

:) loipon kanonise pote tha vgoume. xxx