Monday 7 February 2011

gone urban with eastpak artist studio

It is so charming when you get to be unique. And it is such a talent and beauty when you know how to customize your life, your job, your night out, your clothes, your accessories.. everything - by putting your personality's signature on them. Obsessed with style in its different versions, i couldn't just post a press release and let the importance of this project be gone in blog's pages. For many reasons.
So, here's the thing. Since i was a little kid, i was carrying my eastpak bag every single day @school. And no, i didn't have just a grey bag. Yesterday i went @my parents' house, looking for this old eastpak of mine down to the basement, where i keep my school stuff.. I bloody wanted to take a picture of my transformed bag into a poem canvas, but i found out that it was left behind, during some family holidays, many years ago.. Oups, no high school bag's post for me. But i've got something better than that to show you.

10 greek artists put their signature on Eastpak bags, turning them to masterpieces. And when art meets charity, it gets even better. These 10 unique pieces will be live and available to anyone interested, from 16th of February till the 28th, @Balux cafe - the house project (Posidonos ave. 58, Asteras Glyfadas). And then, opened to bidding @ the greek ebay. The money from the auction will be given @the Greek Caravan of Solidarity.

And now the hot stuff. Who took part in the greek eastpak artist studio?
Adrianos Aggelopoulos, Ioanna Gouzeli, Dimitris Liosis, Apollonas Papatheoharis, our Alecca Rox, Evi Siouti, Tassos Sofroniou, Spike69, Super Katerina and Dimitris Tsigkos are the names that will give us the urban look. Click here to find all their creations.

Getting a very close look to every single one of them, i chose MY FAVS:

Adrianos Aggelopoulos. I love this guy. I would carry anything he would have created, anyways..:

Super Katerina. Studs make me goin' crazy. Rock feeling definitely hits my door:

Apollonas Papatheocharis. Hm, brain triggering, indeed. He is damn' good:

Alecca Rox. Are you kiddin' me?????? My fellow blogger did an extra-ordinary job! Thumbs up, love!:

Spike69. It doesn't get any street-er. Spike, except for your eastpak, i also like your music..:

And Evi Siouti, the interior designer. Honey, when are you takin' me for some surf&fish? ;)

Congrats to all of them. See you all @balux, then?


Clare said...

Thank you so very much for the blog comment! I am super happy to know your blog now!

DK said...

Super cool post!!!
I like it!!