Wednesday 9 February 2011

materialistic world. who said things have no soul?

Sure they do. And they give it to you, if you ask it for. Your fiefdom or not, nobody will give you an eye candy discount. Take it all, or as mush as you need to feed your brain. Materials only.
My new best friend, my new leather black ippolito bag. Its name is Fin. Proudly carrying it below. As for the location, be patient please -i am not allowed to present this showroom yet (!)

Places have soul, too. Some of my new entries in everyday function, are:

Transistor Bar-Resto @Psirri:

Cine Ideal @Panepistimiou avenue:

And Allontino jazz bar @ Kipseli:

Yeah, pay attention to them , and they'll do the same for you! And no, i haven't gone insane. I've always been! :)


pavlina said...

Fynn not fin
fynn loves joannadicted

vint junky said...

I'm a little insane too, it's all good. Fin is fantastic, perfect infact! ;)

Jo said...

*drool* love this bag!

joanaddicted said...

@pavlina!! hahaha to me it's fin!!!! telos!

joanaddicted said...

@vintjunky: thank you love, YOU are prefect!!

joanaddicted said...

@JO: haha that's the impact yes!!!!!! ;)

pavlina said...

ok Yo-hana! to me you are Yo-hana! ehehehhehehehhehhheehhh

joanaddicted said...

@pavlina: shut up, or i will reveal your secret!! hehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheehehehehehehee

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look and pics!

Love your bag!