Wednesday 23 February 2011


Most of you already know that i was working for Lexus Europe in Brussels some time ago (yes i'm a business person). During my working experience at the Toyota European Headoffice, i was totally amazed and inspirationally lost in the design beauty of everyday life. I love this brand. And i'm convinced that it's talking about highest quality ever.
Coming face to face with some automotive news this morning, i couldn't resist posting this..
Apart from Lexus premium cars, you always expect more from these japanese geniuses. So, now tell me, how breathtaking art-forward is this conceptual design of the Lexus Tower in Japan of 98000 sqm, which happens to be highly multifunctional (Apartment, hotel, leisure, shopping...) ?

And yes, i have driven all of the Lexus premium beauties. I'm wondering when i'll be able to own one hybrid baby?

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Uygar said...

Lexus is a reliable brand but that's all. They used to be replicating Mercedes S Class. For very very very long time!! And they are lack of ergonomy inside their vehicles. The buttons are placed randomly. Also diesel engines are not as efficient as BMW diesel. Also the handling is too soft for Eurpean market. Also the Lexus is a very vague brand. People cannot find a reason buy a Lexus rather than Mercedes, BMW or Audi. I do know that you will say the hybrid technology but the German brands also introduced the same technology in addition, German diesel cars more efficient than hybrids, also Lexus still uses nickel batteries instead of lithium. Nickel is producing in Canada, transported to other side of the world and the car is being manufactured. When you buy a hybrid Lexus, you already committed to a huge CO2 production!

And Lexus MUST design better looking cars.

Sorry for my negative comments :((

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