Wednesday 2 February 2011

next top model

Yesterday night @Kapa studios.. Christoforos Kotentos presented his collection to business and tv partners, friends and celebrities. For those who are not aware of greek tv or fashion scene, Christoforos is the strict judge @ the greek production of the next top model.
Personally, i not only like his avant garde style, but i also wear selected pieces. Click here to see the same collection as presented some months ago @grande dame, and here for a jonaddicted in kotentos outfit post.
So yesterday, it was a nice opportunity to catch up with Christoforos and get a little mind refresher of his new creations. The girls of the next top model were also present, quite stressed and tranquil in the same time. -I think that Elena (isn't she the one with the black hair?) was the coolest one during the catwalk.-
Well done Christoforos, wish you great success!

Balatsinou, Hristopoulos and Kagia:

Hristopoulos (yes, he is cute and he knows it - you should have seen how he was surrounded by so many little young girls teasing him and laughing and nia nia nia...) :

Kagia (i strongly believe i shot the worse picture of her career!):

Come again?

Christoforos Kotentos:

And the show..:


Lopi said...

το ήξερα ότι θα πήγαινες και θα μας έδινες όλο το scoop! θέλω να δω κι άλλο από τα ρούχα κια τι φόρεσες εσύ, θα κάνεις κι άλλο ποστ?

joanaddicted said...

:)) Εγώ lopi μου ήμουν σαν τη μύγα μες στο γάλα, δε φόρεσα τίποτα το σπουδαίο... θα κάνω ένα outfit post, αλλά δεν θα ενθουσιαστείς και πολύ!!!! Αλλά για να σε αποζημιώσω θα κάνω και ένα post για το outfit της φίλης μου, με την οποία διαλέγαμε live τι θα βάλει μέσω mms και τελικά ντύθηκε με ρούχα της μαμάς της, δεκαετίας του 70.. μιλάμε για μεγάλες στιγμές!!!δερμάτινη office skirt και δε συμμαζεύεται!!! stay tuned, i'll post it just for you ;)

A BRIT GREEK said...

Wow, what a great post! I really enjoyed the clothes, he's very talented and thank you for educating me on some of the Greek talent!

I trust you had a good time?! What did you end up wearing!!!


joanaddicted said...

@brit greek: thank you sweetheart! ok, then outfit post coming soon! kiss kiss

Πριγκιπώ said...

Και να σκεφτείς ότι την είχα υποτιμήσει αυτή τη φούστα..ανυπομονώ να ξέρεις..!!! :)))