Saturday 6 March 2010

Just a collar.. can it make you victorian?

British prestige and's like a whole Empire and a long historic era, the one of the Victorian years, is reflected to little details that have been actually left stranded over the years...
The first time i had to positively notice this forgotten Victorian style was when i first visited some small cities of England, and London came second.. And i have to say that i was fully impressed, mostly by the houses with the pleated windows. Fashion came second, as well.
I don't know if Lakis Gavalas (one of the best Greek designers) had similar thoughts when he created the bolero jacket i'm wearing, or he just went for it spontaneously. One way or another, the thing is that this piece can easily transform your image accordingly. Not having the time to play around with clothes and accessories right now, ending up to be a total clown, i'm just posting this beautiful jacket with a pair of miss sixty jeans, light rose pink lips, purple all star converse and my purple- of course- nails.







But someone else did go 'clowning' in hardcore Victorian rhythms....


And talking about Victorian styled items.... (sooo love old furniture..)


A Gluten Freestyle said...

Love the bolero jacket. The print is awesome.
And I want that chair too!

Natalie Suarez said...

love the jacket! so cute :)

Romany said...

The bolero is so cute! Very easy to wear, they are.
I love the pink lips! It's a really lovely colour.

Nathalie said...

The jacket is really absolutely adorable. And your lipstick colour is gorgeous
btw, you wanted to see the boots (sorry for cutting them off :) ) I wore them in this post, e.g. :

Natalie Charlotte Turner said...

Love the jacket!

nice blog!

Thalia said...

i love the jacket! and the light rose pink lips!!! :O

Celine said...

Those chairs would look so great covered in some floral fabric... granny chic ;)