Tuesday 9 March 2010

Perfume Inspiration

Sometimes, you just need the right perfume to feel beautiful... Today, i certainly had one of these moments... The perfume i'm addicted to is Flowerbomb by Victor&Rolf, cause it brings to your mind and senses an idea of something mysterious, sexy, underground, but innocent and girly in the same time... I've always been a vanilla-flavored person, obsessed with these kind of fragrances (you know... Lolita Lempicka, Angel by Thierry Mugler, Burberry classic, Creme bouquet by Stila, Hypnotic Poison by Dior etc...), but in a moment of designing inspiration (while i was studying fashion design in Paris), i realized that the perfume (the one for you) is not only the good smell....it's something else... So, i decided to change my usual choices! For me, it was the inspiration that the Flowerbomb's advert gave me... Check out what this image made me think and create...

The transformation of my perfume's advert to a dress design and its variations, just by turning it upside down!:

And filled in with glittering materials....:

And what about a dreamy wedding dress??????

(In the left side of my design notebook, you can see sources of inspiration for colors, concepts, materials etc..., and in the right side the manual design preview... And who knows, someday i might see these dresses worn, and not only on my notebook pages....!!!)

And here it's standing in front of you THE PERFUME, my inspiration source for this design: Flowerbomb by Victor&Rolf:

...matching it with the ESSIE blue nail polish!!!

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Melly said...

Thank you for your comment. Nice Nail polish. ☺