Monday 21 February 2011

can't decide..

...which combination to choose for the birth of my new dress design..(!)
(being in a special research process..)


vint junky said...

I like them all hon. But i think the top two are my favourites. Can't wait to see the design. Teaser!!

Unknown said...

remember me ?
Anastasia from semiramiss!!

For you dress my favorite are 1& 2 photos!
First combinaison will be more graphic and 50'
and the second more Romantic!

Bisous et bonne inspiration!!!

joanaddicted said...

@vint junky: hehe wait to see sweetie!! on the other hand, my fav is the third one..!!!!! oups! hehe

joanaddicted said...

@anastasia: hei beautiful of course i remember you!! i just visited your blog, i like it!! thanks for giving me feedback!!! i'll be watching you close!!! kisses