Monday 28 February 2011

ippolito -shoes.

The ippolito designer, Pavlina Papailiopoulou, after the great newcoming success with her leather bags, she is launching leather shoes, belts and necklaces, as well! I saw her new WINTER collection and i'm thrillllllled. I bloody want every single piece on me. Oh and did i say she designed the JO BAG???? Pavlina gave my name to one of her new bag designs, can you believe this? i'm trying... i love you my agapoudi!! (-you'll see me wearing it in preview soon)..
Pavlina is leaving for Paris to show the new collection worldwide, wishing her huge success once again.. But first, we've got a little something for you: Yesterday, in the middle of the night, we broke into ippolito and took some teaser-snaps just for you..: (yami)


Muki Mu Kats said...

wow! wow! absofckinlutely yeah! they're all amazing!

congrats pavlinou! ;D

pavlina said...

ioannoudi to post einai zuuuper!
muki mou thank you!

Πριγκιπώ said...

Pavlina... Do you have the "golden touch"?? These are the most beautiful accessories.. Well done! Ioanna, don't you want a Prigkipo piece to complete the "Joanaddicted Collection"??

joanaddicted said...

@prigkipw: yes she does. And i know someone else with magic hands too... her name is prigkipw!! and yeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii i want i want want wanttttt (joanaddicted2prigkipw)
-haha i should finally do a proper joanaddicted collection on my own , don't you think??

vint junky said...

Haha! You cat burglar! I love the last pic of you!!
And oh my that industrial looking leather necklace is fantastic

joanaddicted said...

@vint: baby in the last pic, it's my friend pavlina!!! :)