Tuesday 13 April 2010

Inside out! and make the difference

This blazer is a classical Sfera black long one, but its inside was so interesting that i couldn't resist putting my own colorful stamp - and especially when lining is animal-printed!!! and even better....a purple one!! So, you get one single cloth and tata..(!) you've found with two totally different outfits! So, in a harry? Waking up in the morning and wearing a typical black blazer, while you go out just right afterwards with a totally different and fun look. Great for saving money, right?
Matched with Carvella green shoes, bordeaux tights and black Zara kind of indifferent dress.


ToKataifi said...

poli kali idea afti gia to blazer...

ta papoutsia iperoxa..:)

Emma Hoareau said...

love the jacket and beautiful shoes