Saturday 2 October 2010

This week's outfits

Last days, i'm in an endless fast-forward mode. Work, dance, expos, work again, photoshootings, friends, bf, work again, home boring stuff, cooking (for the first time in my life) bla bla bla. And sometimes i remember to capture my outfits in between. So, this week, the menu had..

A leopard resistance to minimal:

A white shiny fly effect:

A quadrilateral illusion:

An obscure rejoinder:

Oh and a new haircut:


Anonymous said...

What can I say! Outfit and photo genius!

Muki Mu Kats said...

speechless! amazing as always!
but i really have to do the 'kowtow' thing for your haircut! it's more than great Jo! <3

Taxiarchis right? ;p

joanaddicted said...

@Muki: Thankssss baby. Of course Taxiarhis!! who else?? i can't cheat on him!!! hahahahaa
You should try him!!!

chloe said...

love the hair! and the outfits! and the accessories! i just love everything! :) heehee xxx

joanaddicted said...

@battered couture: ouou thanks love. They're from Badila.